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Kagoshima Prefecture Intangible Folk Cultural Asset (Sueyoshi-cho, Soneo City)
Every year on November 23, yabusame will be dedicated at Sumiyoshi Shrine ‘s “Honka Festival”. Yabusame is a traditional event that has been told that it is a good harvest that as long as it shoots the way, it has the character of five grain richness, national security, age fortune telling.
It is said that the origin of the name is the theory that the Yae Horse is the etymology, which is to shoot an arrow while challenging the horse, and the theory that Yuya flying is the origin.
A horseman in horsemanship in the Kamakura period horses with approaching roughly 300 meters and aims at three places from horse riding.
Repeat it 3 times, the more arrows you hit, the more the next year will be the harvest, and it is said that if you take home the habitat and hide the house the house will flourish.
In 1976, it was designated as prefectural intangible folk cultural asset.


Location  Nagoyo, Sueyoshi cho, Soneo, Kagoshima Prefecture 3995-1

time schedule
1 pm Shinto priest at Sumiyoshi Shrine
2 pm Flower horse dedication (It will start as soon as the shrine ends)
3:30 pm Closing schedule(as soon as the horse horse is over)

After yabusame is finished, we will also do oil bamboo climbing that gets prizes.

【MAP】〒899-8605 鹿児島県曽於市末吉町二之方3995−1
ZIPcode899-8605 Kanagawa-shi, Sono-shi Sueyoshicho Nogawa 3995-1


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