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The caverns that the Kirishima mountainous spring water eroded and were thought to have been made over a period of many thousands of years was 13.8 m in width and 8.6 m in height, the total length was 224 m in the survey of Kansai University expedition team in 1964 It was confirmed.
From the cave, there is still a flow of groundwater and underground water flowing. In the story of local people, legends remain that Takachiho peak came out as a dog in a cave.
On the Sunday close to Buddha’s birthday on April 8 every year, the “Mizonokuchi Rock Festival” is held and dedication and stick dancing will be dedicated to the Rock Kannon, settled at the entrance to the cave and cave.

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Zip code 899 – 4103 Kagoshima prefecture Sono shi Town department Shimotsuji 4907


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