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Takarabe Onsen health center

Hot water discharged from 1,702 meters below the basement is famous as a beauty salon where the spring quality is a sodium bicarbonate hot spring to make your skin smooth.
Also, there are various types of bathtubs, far-infrared saunas are available, and visitors are very pleased.

Facility Name  Takarabe Onsen Health Center (Takarabe Onsen)
Location     357-1 shimotakarabe,takarabe-chou  Soo city
Telephone  0986 – 72 – 3553
Business Hours  9 am – 10 p.m.
Closed 2nd Monday, 4th Monday of every month
(However, in the case of a holiday, this next day)



ZIPcode357-1 shimotakarabe,takarabe-chou  Soo city,kagoshima, Japan


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